the rope master, stainless steel anal hook

The Rope Master Anal Hook

The Rope Master is the most common anal hook on the market. With a removable ball and being able to get different size makes this anal hook lots of fun.

steel anal and vaginal hook

The Vaginal and Ass Hook

The vaginal and anal hook can be used for both men and women, in the ass or for women in the vaginal.

the trailer hitch anal hook and cock ring

The Trailer Hitch Anal Hook and Cock Ring

The trailer hitch offers the perfect combination of an anal hook and cock ring. Give to use while having sex.

the fet pack models playing with an anal hook

The Fet Pack

In this photo shoot by ProFotoLA Hudsy Hawn and Nikki Rouge pin down KoKo Kitten and tease her with this Stainless Steel Anal Hook

Models teasing with a stainless ass hook
Open Up
three models playing with a anal hook
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Image of a stainless steel ass hook - The vaginal/ anal hook

The Rope Master

Brief History and Anal Hook Uses

The origins of the “hook” go back as far as the Middle Ages and were usually much sharper than any of the hooks we use in play. There were many different ways of using them, like hanging the victim from them by their hands or feet or the hook being raked across the skin or jabbed into the ribs. The most severe use that we’ve found for this particular torture device was to insert it into any orifice of the torturer’s choice and have the victim strung up and left to bleed to death, or be whipped, caned, and even filleted. Whatever method was used, it promised to be a grisly fate for the unlucky person.

Looking at all of the torture devices used throughout the ages, there is no wonder how we get our ideas for some of the products that we create, stock, and sell. We here at Ass Hooks are dedicated to finding and providing you with the highest quality toys while simultaneously coming up with the most sadistic ways to torture your willing bottoms—and our own. One of our favorite tools with which we accomplish this feat is the bondage hook. There are two different bondage hooks that we offer and, while they may seem a lot alike, their designs and uses are quite different. Before we get into that, however, let’s look at where the idea came from, what they’re made of, and how to take care of them.

How To Take Care Of Them

Anal Hooks should be cleaned after every use. Generally, hooks are easy to clean and care for. The best method of doing so is to use antibacterial soap and warm water. This kills any germs that may have collected on their surface and keeps them looking shiny and new. Rubbing them down with pads or cotton balls dipped in alcohol after a session is a great way to clean them in a pinch. rinse an dry after using alcohol

What They’re Made Of

Most bondage hooks on the market come in one of two kinds: stainless steel and iron with colored coating. The most popular is, of course, stainless steel because it’s less expensive and just as sturdy as iron. Both, however, are perfect for any type of play, including anal suspension. Another great thing about metal is the fact that you can stick it in the freezer before play and it holds the temperature for a long time.

Another less popular material from which bondage hooks are made is glass. These are less sturdy than their metal counterparts and should NEVER be used for anal hook suspension on a human, but can be more affordable—especially for those who are just getting interested in this particular form of play—and used in light bondage play.



Anal and Bondage Hook Uses

Anal Hook Suspension

A great way to show off your anal hook suspension prowess is to build a rope corset around your bottom and then tie a few sections of rope to the eye of the anal hook. Run the ropes over a pulley that is attached to the ceiling and hoist them up. With their hands tied behind them and their legs bound and bent at the knees, they can be easily pushed and swung around the room. Not very sadistic, we know (unless they are afraid of heights, of course) but it still looks really cool.

On Their Toes

Another great way to make a bottom painfully uncomfortable and improve their balance is to tie a rope to the eye of the ass hook and then attach it to an apparatus above them. Pull the tension out of the rope until they are standing on the tips of her toes. We’ve found that a bondage rig works really well for this particular play. Once you have them balanced and begging, let the impact play begin!

Sadistic Memory Training

Wanna play a game? Suspend the bottom by their ankles and ask them questions that they should know the answer to. Every time they get an answer wrong, hang a small weight from the eye of the hook. If they have studied hard enough, then the questions shouldn’t be too hard for them. If they haven’t, well, it’s a safe bet that they will the next time.

stainless steel anal hook - The rope master ass hook

Posture Training

A great way to teach a submissive proper posture is to tie a rope from the eye of the ass hook to the back of a collar. This allows you to adjust the rope until they are kneeling or walking in a manner that is pleasing to you. Anal hooks have been used this way for a very long time and it is almost as popular as suspension play.

Have Them Go Fuck Themselves!

If you have a table and are looking for a great show, try laying the bottom down on their stomach atop it or any other comfortable, flat surface. Make a ball gag out of rope or tie the loose ends to a bite bit and tie the other end around the eye of the ass hook. Then attach another rope to their ankles, tying the loose ends of that rope to the eye as well. As you tighten the rope, their body will be forced into a curved position. Now, all they have to do is rock back and forth and they can fuck themselves into oblivion in one the most creative displays of rope bondage you may ever get to see.

A Shocking Sensation

For those of us that are well versed in electrical play, another fun and sadistic way to torture your bottom is to attach the electrodes from a tens unit to the ass hook. In whatever way you decide to bind your bottom, electricity can be used to amp up the scene. Electric torture is fun in and of itself but the added pleasure of the ass hook can really take the fun up another notch.

Tug of War

This is one of our favorites when you have two eager bottoms. Make them get on their knees and face each other, insert an ass hook into each of them, then tie the two eyes together tight enough to give only about an inch of free space between them. Now you can throw those little poppers (the ones you can buy for like fifty cents per box from the fireworks supply store) at the ground in front of them or, if you really want to be sadistic, set off non-lethal—sad that we have to emphasize this—fireworks in front of them. Try not to pull a rib muscle while you stand back and laugh as they fight to get away without pulling too hard on the ass hooks.

The Squatter

For maximum discomfort, tie a rope from the eye of the ass hook to a pulley above the bottom, down to another attachment on the floor, and then to the back of a collar around their neck. Tighten the rope until their knees are at a 45 degree angle (or whatever angle you prefer). As they try to stand up, the rope will pull on the ass hook painfully.

Note: To add even more fun to this, you can cane or tickle their calves and the underside of their thighs. Fun times!

steel vaginal and anal hook

Another twist on The Squatter that we enjoy is to run the rope from the eye of the ass hook, through an anchor above the bottom, and then to the collar of another. When a sufficient amount of tension is let out of the rope, you can use all sorts of toys (canes, crops, whips, etc.) on the collared bottom. As they try to escape the torment, they will inevitably pull on the rope, causing it to tug on the ass hook. If they can stay still while they are abused, the hooked bottom is safe. However, if they can’t, they will put them through hell.

For good reason, ass hooks are a must have toy and are growing ever popular. They are fun and can be used in a variety of pleasurable—and painful—methods. These are just a few of our personal favorites but the sky is the limit when it comes to thinking of ways in which to use our ass hooks. It’s an invaluable toy for anyone who likes creative and sadistic bondage play or even just as a training tool.

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